Ghasr-e Khorshid

Ghasr-e Khorshid in Kalat Naderi, currently used as a museum of anthropology, is said to be an adaptation of Teymour’s resting place in Samarghand (Sazeman-e miras-e Farhangi Khorasan).

The building which was left unfinished after Nader’s death is renovated; although traces of worn out images and recently carved writings on the inner walls of the building are indicative of a different fate. The exterior of this beautiful and somewhat overlooked monument is made of pinkish brown stones. Although distinctive, there is nothing overstated here. Every surface and every shade is strategically chosen to produce the end product in complete harmony with the surroundings. Maybe Ghasr-e Khorshid was meant to be a reminder of Nader’s art of combat formation. 12 next › last »

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