If nothing else, my Math is getting better!

I don’t know about you, I am enjoying the newfound dimension in Iranian.com, namely posting replies to articles and the many blog arguments we are having. The math question is a new one though and I haven’t seen this on other blogs. But I am enjoying it as it has become a daily mind teaser, as I find myself hoping for a challenging number each time. I don’t like the 17+0 ones as much, they are too easy. 7+9 is good, 6+18 even better! I have noticed also that many of the blog and article responses by the readers, all too often slip into vulgarity, and while I love reading them personally, (and will admit that I indulge myself more than I should!) I have heard from many, the general displeasure they find in the disrespectful diatribes in the pursuit of the site’s mantra, “Nothing is Sacred”. So I would like to suggest that as the blog responses get more and more silly or crude, to make the math occasionally more and more difficult, so that you only get to make your rude statement, if you manage to solve for x, or can find the integral of something. Maybe having to do a more complicated math problem will make people re-think your cursing. Although, on the other hand, I think in my case, it may only increase the tendency!

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