Debate, Iranian style

A recent comment at the foot of a recent entry inspired me to write this. The comment writer professes that he agrees with “every single word” the entry writer has uttered, except that he wants to add just a minor point, or something to that effect.

There seem to be only two possibilities: Either the commenter genuinely agrees with ALL the entrier has said, in which case a typical moridi-moraadi bond has been formed, which I find both detrimental to a healthy debate and, to put it mildly, quite deplorable. Or else, the commenter simply employs this dishonest tactic as a offering a proverbial hendoone to tame and “disarm” the entrier and cajole her into accepting his point of view as valid. Which is, again, deplorable.

I will probably write in more detail about how (and why) Iranians, even some of their proud self-professed intellectuals (or “anti-intellectuals”), just don’t get it when it comes to an intellectual debate. But that’d be some other time.

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