Announces New Advertising Program

After completing the upgrade of the site last month, upgraded its ad servers to display more relevant ads to its users and to provide advertisers with more cost-effective options to promote their businesses, events, products or services.

“We finally are able to respond to requests we’ve had from advertisers for over year,” said, Wayne Willis, Business Manager for “Now we can deliver Flash and other rich media ads, and we can deliver geographic targeting of ads. It will make life much better for advertisers and users alike, because relevant ads are information, not an intrusion.”

The ad server uses open source software provided by Advertisers specify “campaigns” with certain “banners,” and the OpenAds server delivers ads and keeps track of how many ads are shown. The software can also show ads only in a specified geographic area (like city, state, metro area, region or country) or show ads only on a specific page of the site, like the music page.

The targeting does not rely on cookies or whether or not someone is a registered user, Willis reported. Using a geolocation technology from MaxMind, the ads simply look at the IP address of the Internet Service Provider of the user and determines the city or country from the IP address of the ISP. This is important, notes Willis, to respect the strong privacy policies of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy at

“The trend nowadays is for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of online advertising, and now we can give our advertisers the data that help them see the return on their investment in advertising with us,” said Willis.

More information is available at “Advertise With Us.”




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