Reading other amateur writer’s works has always been fascinating for me. I love reading and writing so much, it feels like a passion to me, one that I have not nurtured for a long time, in Farsi or English. I stopped writing in Farsi because I’m not the most organized being in the world and at the same time could not part w/ my babies, to put it in the most cliché form. Reading it has been eliminated to the books I brought from Iran when I moved here and the ones that I’ve been bringing, every time I’ve been there ever since, and the net. My English readings have been scattered and random till recent and writing anything is such a big task being the anal that I am and the coward that I am of criticism that I just don’t bother. Also, I have the dreadful habit of abandoning things on the drop of a dime. I start thinking about doing something today, you know weighing it out, be it cleaning the house, working out, having friends, reading something or whatever, decide to do it for sure two weeks from now, start it the following week and by then it have become so humongous, for I like to think around it and therefore it becomes bigger and more extravagant, that when I start doing it I get exhausted right away. Then I’m burnt. I also am an awful typewriter and ever worse speller. So typing in English is not a pleasure at all. But I always wanted to have a blog of my own. I’ve been thinking about writing blogs for a long time, and have decided to do so for real since the new version of the site. I think I’m gonna go ahead and start it now. I’m gonna face my fear and I’m gonna try procrastinate less and get offended by people pointing out my weakness less, no matter what their motive I can learn from that.So here goes: my first blog. Don’t forget to drop a line, any line, Farsi, English, and last but not at all least, criticism. Peace,sheila

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