Blame game

Some people in the West (America, Britain and other developed countries) but far too many (even a majority) in other less developed countries, such as Iran, Arab countries, Eastern Europe etc, believe that Jews rule the world. Even Iran’s president, Ahmadinejad, in his address to the UN, said that the West is in Zionist hands. I don’t recall what he exactly said, word by word, but it was almost the same. He pretty much meant that the Zionists rule America, Britain and so on.

Let’s be serious: people say Zionist, or Israeli, just try to be more modern and politically correct, and just refer to the Jews. Why all this fuss and correctness? It’s nothing new. Have you read what they used to say in Europe and America in the 1900’s? Do you know about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? It was first published in 1903, later translated to many other languages from Russian. Yes, Zion, just like what they call it Zionism now. It was a document “proving” that Jews rule the world.

Go and read it on the Internet. Go to this page first then you can search Google to find articles written by modern anti-Semites even proving that the protocol was genuine and predicting the inevitable etc. It is nothing new. It was published much before the second World War broke out. There were many books or articles published about this issue.

Even in America, where many Iranians believe Jews rule, and ruled, such writings were published and sold quite well. Being anti-Jewish was nothing new. Then they used to call it being anti-Jewish. Now they usually call it being anti-Israeli or anti-Zionism though without directly referring to Israel, but to the same old myth that Jews control the world.

It actually seems extraordinary to be part of a small group, seemingly elite, who rule the world. I have been called an Israeli or a Zionist so many times, though I have repeatedly said that I am not. One angry Iranian actually said that I wish I was Jewish. Maybe, looks interesting. You can have many rich and influential friends. Who cares you are hated as long as you rule the world, right? I would have probably loved it if I was a Jew, ruling the world. Maybe it would be fun? I don’t know for sure.

Really, who cares that most of the rest of the world hates you? It is almost like being the owner of a huge factory where you are certain almost all workers hate you. However they respect you because they fear you (you pay them quite well), while some who you haven’t hired (like Arabs, Muslim, Latin America, Eastern Europe) hate you so much they are evn willing to kill you. And this is not that much of a fun.

But why is that so? Why are so many people making such a big deal out of such a troubled nation, the Jewish nation (if we can call it a nation). Although Jews are pretty strong (especially rich) and so and so, there is absolutely no proof about all the things said and written exaggerating their power and importance. Iranians say Zionists (Jews) plot against Iran to destroy it. Many in other countries believe similar stories, though in slightly different, locally appropriate, versions.

The richest man in the world is currently an Arab (search on Google world’s most powerful man is a non-Jewish, Christian, American. Arabs in the U.A.E. make much more money than Jews in Israel. The Internet is full of anti-Jewish stuff, and Jews seem to be squeezed out all over the virtual world.

There are also some strong points on the Jewish side. America, almost unconditionally supports Israel. This made me think America was ruled by Jews many years ago, so I tried to see what was going on. It is simple. Do you know that most of the American voters, who are NON-Jewish, support Israel? Yes. It is true.

But this is nothing new. America is a democracy and if most of the voters want something then they are going to get it sooner or later. The main reason for their support for Israel is that the American voters are mostly conservative Christians who support God’s chosen people and their holy land, also given by God to them. It sounds stupid, but that’s democracy. Why has Israel been so powerful? Is it because they somehow mysteriously conspire against their enemies because they rule the world by their Christian proxies?

No. Because Arab regimes are so week and because America (world’s superpower) openly (no conspiracy there) helps Israel. It is as simple as that. Don’t forget that Jews were no less accused of ruling the world before there was an Israel and 5 or 6 million of them were killed by the Nazis. That’s a mess of a ruling class and such an incompetence, right? What a ruling class that is! Even America didn’t intervene to stop the killing.

Let’s go back to the question itself. Why make such a big deal of these Jews, Zionists etc, and blame them for so much for such a long time? I have no reason to defend Jews. I am writing this because there is a general BLAMING problem. Non-democratic countries (or not-yet-so-democratic countries) and their peoples, even when they are outside, have the mentality of blaming others for their problems. This is the main reasons for all their problems. It is not Jews (or anybody else) who are rich and successful who are plotting or doing harm. It is the belief that they are plotting that causes the problem.

And it is not just about the Jews. This blame disease comprises of all the OTHERS. You don’t really know some body, or some people, then you blame them! Jews have been blamed in Europe because they were the only non-Christians who were actually doing quite well. They have been doing well for the last couple of centuries because they have been working hard, and of course, helping each other. Can you blame a group who help each other? You can envy them, but you cannot accuse them of being smart and hard-working. If it wasn’t the Jews, others could be found to blame.

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