I hate All Iranians too…

OK, Actually I lied, but this is after all only a blog. As we know, blogs are mostly lies. Just stream of consciousness ones. But there are a group of Iranians I actually do find myself hating.

I hate those Iranians who show up late to a concert, and have better seats than mine.

I hate those Iranians who drive Benzes, and tell you that they don’t particularly like the car all that much.

I hate those Iranians who tell you they live in Bel Air, but then you find out it’s an apartment with a roommate.

I hate Iranians who insist you try this new drink they’ve invented, called the “Persian Surprise”.

I hate Iranians who look right at you, blink a lot and then and insist, “No, I am Italian.”

I hate Iranians who smell like Ghormeh Sabzi after Raquetball.

I hate Iranians who pretend they are dumb.

I hate Iranians who like Baseball.

I hate Iranians who think they could actually be DJ’s (DJ Rameen Excluded)

I hate Iranians who own “Mediterranean Cuisine” restaurants.

I hate Iranians who have been here for 30 years and esteel eenseest on tokking like dees!

I hate Iranians who march in the same NY streets to protest the movie 300, but can’t seem to schedule it when Ahmadinejad is visiting.

I hate Iranians who start web-based petitions that collect fake emails.

I hate those Iranians who live well, in Iran, and don’t complain. I don’t blame them, but I hate them.

I hate Iranians who are actually free, and still can’t speak out a simple NO.

But most of all, I hate Iranians who hate Iranians. And before Bacheh Porroo can say it, yes, therefore, I must hate myself. And you know what? Especially these days, I find, that I kind of do.

Which actually sucks. I think I need that “Persian Surprise” drink after all!

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