Litmus test

“I’ve told the Iranians This is your litmus test. You committed yourself to come clean. If you don’t, nobody will be able to come to your support,” he said.

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So ElBaradei, faced with suspicion, is begging the Seyyeds to come clean. And they couldn’t really care either way. The Seyyeds blind belief is that they have a duty to perform. To steal the secular Iranians’ oil wealth, make centrifuges, and to them “wiping out Israel” is right. Every sworn member of the Qom seminary will follow this line. They have some 50k suicide bombers, and they are all ready. Do they really care about any kind of test?

The only sure test is the Iranian people. Yes we have some 60 millions silent majority. We have to save our land, and the world. It will be one small step for the world, but a giant leap for Iranians, if we can steer the country from harms way. The provocative nature of the Seyyeds’ false pretentious morality, leaves Iran wide open to all kinds of oppression – both internally and externally.

We Iranians must save our land ourselves peacefully. We do not need people like ElBaradei to tell us about Human Rights, when we are the sons of Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great. We all need to make it clear to the likes of ElBaradei that Iranian, real Iranians are the people he needs to address. He should be wanting to speak to the intelligent professional Iranians all over the world, not the bogus Seyyeds.

As you all know the best way to get rid of the Seyyeds, is to bring up the question of General Strike, which nobody brings up, apart from me. But I will beat my drum for non violent regime change. It will happen, with no blood on the hands of the new regime. One day Iran will just switch off. Why doesn’t ElBaradei tell the Seyyeds, “hey you might face a General Strike from your own secular people if you put Iran in harms way.”

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