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We Iranians and middle easterns living in the west are somehow reluctant and/or afraid of talking about it. However, we should know as many americans by now do that 9/11 was an inside job, carried out by a small team of the CIA with clear coordination from the very top of the neoconservative administration. It was a very sofisticated military exercise with the only purpose of cretaing the syntetic war on terror. Killing not only one, but several birds with one stone. This is not one more conspiracy theory, it’s been backed by many studies and reaserch done on the issue by many well respected professionals such as the members of the scholars for 9/11 truth movement and other groups. The Oil era is ending and when that happens the whole civilization as we know it will come to a halt, this will definitely cause very massive civil unrest, specially in the US as it’s the most dependant western nation on oil. The patriot act for instance is getting everything ready to control those future deep social unrests. There’s a lot at stake and Iran is too vulnerable to foreign meddling, it has all the ingredients for future desintegration just as yugoslavia did. The hidden powers of the world have too many resources at their disposal and they will use it against anyone and anything. There was never such a thing as revolution in Iran. That was an international conspiracy against the shah regime and what comes next in Iran is just another international plan. If you just look at the progression, after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, the Islamic mafia of Iran knew that they were next, specially after having tried to open some talk channels with the Americans in Switzerland, they realized the neocons are going for a regime change. they would have never allowed someone like ahmadinejad to come to power, however they changed their mode to agresive and defensive since they know that they are doomed. They have been carrying their own preemtive action against the US both in Iraq and elsewhere, however, they have realized that the only thing that can save them is a military confrontation with the west as this would keep them in power, they need this huge confrontation to survive, what they are really afraid of is the severe economic sanctions as this will cause deep and wide national unrest, they have also started to take preemtive action on that. The hidden powers of the world are shaping the planet as they wish in order to meet the post-oil era. Iran meets the requirements for desintegration both socially and strategically. Militarily, the US can collapse and paralize Iran in days. They have done this elsewhere. Once the oil starts runing out, every single aspect of current civilization as we know it will change, this is the equivalent of a huge cataclysm affecting the entire planet, only the smart, the most intelligent and brilliant of humans will win the battle and they do not seem to be the ones ruling Iran right now. A country that cannot refine properly the oil it sells, it cannot get nuclear reactors without foreign help… is this country going to withstand the complex and sofisticated planning of the hidden powers? I don’t think so.

Has anyone ever imagined this world a day without internet? emails? electronic transactions?

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