From Banaan to Yanni to Stevie Ray Vaughn and B.B. King….

I’m sitting here in my own world of music, remembering my favorites, Banaan, Shajarian, and Naazeri… to Googoosh, Ebi , Aslaani and Darioush and suddenly I’m exposed to a new music! My wife, an American, has introduced me to music that I enjoy a lot, from the Blues to classic rock ‘n roll. I’ve exposed her to my favorites as well! One look at my music collection and you’d wonder what the heck IS my taste. From Banaan to Yanni to Steve Ray Vaughn and now to Kiosk. As I’m reading my Payam-e-ashena magazine, I happen upon an article about Kiosk. I say to myself… “ok, who are these guys… what are they saying…”. My wife, who not only loves music to the max herself and has her own personal favorites, also loves Persian music…probably because of me but what does that matter! So we’re reading this article about Kiosk and how they have been influenced by Dire Straits and Bob Dylan, who I’ve heard of but not really familiar with, and she say’s “let me show you a little of their music”. I recognize a few songs and think to myself…”I like this!”. So she takes it a step further and goes to I-tunes and downloads a few of Kiosk’s songs. And WE’RE hooked!!!! Give them a try! They are fresh… incredibly talented and DIFFERENT… and thoroughly enjoyable. These very talented and young artists are trying to express themselves in today’s world and need and deserve our support. I promise that you will not be disappointed!
Remember, these are young people who grew up under music restrictions, not having the opportunity under the IRI to listen to or even express their own sense of being. What a positive and encouraging voice for our future!
Long live talent, creativity, and performance!!!

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