$1000 for you Iranian

Iran’s export revenues from crude oil, oil derivatives, and distilled natural gas have exceeded $20 billion during March 21-August 23 period, according to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI).



Well, if you do the maths you get to a figure of a million toman for each Iranian. Let me explain. $20bn divided by 20 weeks is $1bn per week. There are 70 million Iranians or 20 million three and a half member families. A billion is a thousand million. So each Iranian family should get $1000 per week.

I remember, Khomeini said something along these lines in 1978, and caught the imagination of everyone in Iran. He promised that he would deliver that amount to everyone. So what happened? Oh people criticized the Shahanshah for using the money for weapons, and misusing the funds for this and that etc etc. And you know the rest, and the mess it got us into now.

But now look at this pathetic lot. What can they do, now that they are at the helm of Iran? Just like every government in history, they will use the excuse of war or potential threat, to keep money from the poor. Ironically they create a moral duty for the poor, to enlist and fight for that ficticious threat. In the time of the Shah it was USSR, this time it is USA. Ah, but it never really happens. Something worse than war happens.

“Quo Bene?” as Machiavelli asked. And the reply sits squarely with the multinationals, and wheeler dealers who have no scruples. The wheeler dealers of the world should be careful who they give this money to.

I personally believe that there should be a fund outside Iran, that the UN should supervise, that makes sure that the Seyyeds do not use it for nukes. UN should be involved with the distribution of Iran’s oil wealth, until these madmen are non violently removed. A similar concept was set up in times of Saddam for Iraq, and it was abused.

The other way, is to approach China directly over their wheeling and dealing with the Seyyeds. Tell them straight, “be careful who you give this money to”. They will then say something like, “we are dealing with the government of Iran”. At that point one can say, that the IRGC has been seen to support inhuman acts, such as suicide bombings and giving funds to activities in the Levant.

But then the Chinese would says, “hey it is your companies in the Chinese industrial zones that use the cheap energy, land and labour, that sell it to the Seyyeds via Dubai and such places.” And then the ball is in the US court, and there is nothing that this Bush admin wants to do about it, as long as the oil price is up for the benefit of Texas. “Yup, yes sir’ee”, as they say in Texas, “as long as we get the money, who cares about those ayrabs, those yankees or whateva….”

So what actually happens that is worse than war, is that we can see clearly the money going right back to the US, and the Iranian brains going there as well, as they give up on the Iranian economy. It is happening every day and is worse than war. Why, because we can do something about it. We can all address these issues clearly to the world. We can all not put up with the Seyyeds and their wheeler dealers via General Strikes.

I have written countless articles on non violent regime change, and we need the people of Iran to think and talk along such lines as General Strikes, so that the wealth and resources of Iran, be they natural or human are not siphoned away for the benefit of aliens.

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