Islamic Republic Embassy or Den of Terrorists!?

Islamic Republic Embassy or Den of Terrorists!?

On 4 November 1979, the Islamic-Barbaric-Terrorists-Republic in Iran invaded the sovereign embassy of the United States
of America and held 52 American diplomats as hostage for 444 days. The grand ayatollah Khomeini coined the term “The Den of
Spies” or “LAneh JAssoosi” publicizing their internationally illegal and criminal act, the confiscation of the American embassy compounds!?

On 4 November 2007, the American forces in Iraq under directives by General David Petraeus will surround the embassy of the Islamic Republic in Iraq, “The Den of Terrorists!” And they will arrest the occupying terrorists! But, Americans will make sure that all legal bases are covered. As a preparation for this move, the preliminary steps are being taken.

This just came out today:

There is an old saying that goes like this, “What goes around comes around!?”

I can not wait to see the bearded, blindfolded, hands-tied-behind-the-back Islamic Republic/IRGCs thugs under the custody of the great American Army.

God Bless America

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