Israel’s proxy war against Iran

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and its neo-conservative supporters have been waging a propaganda war against Iran for some time now as evident from the recent events and obvious examples of Columbia University president’s mouth washing of Israeli policies; Joe Liebermann’s Senate resolution to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a Terrorist organization; Tom Lantos House resolution to place tougher sanctions on Iran; and Fox news channel’s program called “Iran the Ticking Bomb”.

In the meantime, Americans continue to fight and die for the Israeli lobby’s Proxy wars against Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, and the so called Al Qaeda operatives.

It is also worth mentioning that the lobby operates in very subtle and clever ways to deceive the public by portraying its interests as parallels to those of Americas thus making it hard to distinguish that they are actually behind it. But to a keen observer it should be obvious how this lobbying network operates.

One thing that the American people should know and thank the Iranians for is that they are helping them understand how the Israeli lobby controls their Media, Government, academic community, relations with other nations, and their Democracy by corrupting the election finance campaign.

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