Pitching Kiarostami

Mehdi is a revolutionary guardsman, but secretly he’s gay. Marjan is a member of the fashion patrol, and she’s secretly a lesbian. During a routine University Campus raid to quell anti Ahmadinejad protests one day, Mehdi happens to arrest the beautiful young Ramin. During the van ride back to headquarters for interrogation and possible lashings, Mehdi and Ramin strike up a deep friendship and Mehdi lets Ramin go. Several weeks later Marjan in hot pursuit of the hotter but immodestly clothed Ramona, finally runs her down, cornering her in a Tehran mall as Ramona’s heels far too high, cause her to slip and fall, sliding into the fake Louis Vuitton store. During the car ride to headquarters for booking and possible lashings, Marjan and Ramona strike up a deep friendship. Smitten, Marjan lets Ramona go before they get to the precinct. Madly in love and unable to get sweet Ramin out of his head, Mehdi calls Ramin’s mobile incessantly demanding requital. Madly in love and unable to get sweet Ramona out of her head, Marjan too, calls Ramona’s mobile incessantly demanding requital. Mehdi and Ramona separately search unstoppably for the love of their life, and using the resources of their professions, eventually find out where Ramin and Ramona live. They stake out the home and wait for their one true love to appear. After waiting a long time with no luck, Mehdi decides to call Ramin. After a long time with no sign of Ramona, Marjan calls the mobile in tormenting pain. Ramin jumps the garden wall of his parent’s upscale Tehran home and looks to see if anyone notices him leave from the back alley. He quickly walks to his car. Mehdi and Marjan madly dialing for love, run up to the front of the same home! They stop short at the front door. Each looks at the other with a puzzled look as they realize they are both calling on their cellphones. Once inside his car, Ramin quickly reaches for the fake Prada bag tucked down in the back seat and begins to put on makeup and a wig and a head scarf when suddenly his mobile begins to ring…

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