Putting Green

Russia may not be with Iran, but it is not with America and Europe either.

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So where is Russia? Is it everything to everyone, or nothing to no one. The funny part is that everyone thinks that the Russians are with them.

The Seyyeds will rejoice that the Russians have not disagreed about anything, and of course we all know that they have not agreed to anything either.

The US will also go on about how their relationship
is fine, and yet the Russians will cut them down. Finally look at the number of deals that the multinationals are doing in Iran, Russia and China.

So it has nothing to do with governments. It is all about the various companies. And the US has got it right by limiting the transaction with the Seyyeds.

It does not matter whether corporations or nations are dealing with the Seyyeds, they will get a warning and eventually forced to make a choice like the German banks had to a couple of months ago.

The Russians and Chinese, need to make a choice between the Seyyeds and the US. And that is the bottom line. It is strictly business, and the US Treasury is quite right to put the world corporations on the spot.

Mr Putin can come and go as much as he likes. But if the US Treasury does not allow some of those US corporation to trade with Russia, then who is Mr Putin going to go to?

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