More Pressure against Debra Cagan Needed

The NY Times has recently published an article entitlted “Coalition of the Reluctant” in which they outline Debra Cagan. Of relevance to us Iranian-Americans is the following:

“The Pentagon denied the [Caga’s remark “I hate all Iranians”]. Alasdair McDonnell, a Social Democratic and Labor M.P. who was present, told me: “I won’t confirm or deny she said that. She might nuke me in the middle of the night. She’s not somebody I’d want to tangle with.

Bernard Jenkin, a Conservative who was also present, said “Cagan is straightforward, and if you’re politically disposed to be put out by her, you would be.” He himself was not.”

Over 300 people have now signed a petition asking for her resignation. While I think the petition is persuasive and should be signed, I encourage more of you to put pressure on the government through the letter campaign NIAC has initiated.

As NIAC already reports, these efforts by Iranian-Americans has persuaded at least one Congressman, Mike Honda from San Jose, to seek clarification from the State Department concerning these statements.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that if we as Iranian-Americans don’t do anything no one will, and I encourage any one of you to contact me personally in order to coordinate some form of campaign against Cagan. The more we allow individuals in office who are prejudice towards Iranians, the more we open ourselves up to discrimination.

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