The hydra

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.
— Plato

Legend has it that the Hydra with the body of a serpent and numerous
heads, could never be harmed by any weapon, and if any of the other
heads were severed another would grow in its place.  Attacking cattle
and local villagers, it devoured them with its numerous heads, totally
terrorizing the vicinity for many years.  According to legend, Heracles
defeated the Hydra.

The reality we live in is that a far worse creature than the legendry
hydra is terrorizing the global village.   As one head is
de-commissioned, another replaces it; Rumsfeld with Gates, Casey with
Petraeus, and so on.  Its contemptuous greed unfulfilled, the Iraqi
devastation only vetted the appetite of the ungodly creature; and so
venomous lies spew out in preparation for an attack on the next country
– Iran, with 72 innocent lives waiting to be annihilated.    

Failing to prove Iran’s nuclear program as a threat to world security
as the IAEA would not be party to another mass murder and lie to
further the ambitions of the White House, Mr. Bush is now commanding
his generals to inform the American public that Iran is responsible for
arming Iraqis that are killing Americans.  Randomly, he takes pleasure
in having Iranian diplomats arrested by his thugs in Iraq, the same
people who murder Iraqi civilians, women and children.  

Having buried himself in the darkness of deception, the White House
occupant forgets that the truth occasionally leaks out and he ‘can’t
fool all the people all the time’.  Indeed, in the “Teicher Affidavit:
Iraq-Gate” of 1/31/95, it was revealed by former NSC official Howard
Teicher  that during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88, the U.S. provided
Saddam Hossein with weaponry including anti-armor penetrators –  one of
the weaponry Iran is accused of providing to the Iraqis.

During the 8-year war, much of the weapons supplied to Iraq by the
United States and its CIA department, was through a cleverly devised
program called “Bear Spares”.   The program made sure that spare parts
and ammunition for Soviet or Soviet-style weaponry was made available
to countries which sought to reduce their dependence on the Soviets for
defense needs.  If the “Bear Spares” were manufactured outside the
United States, then the United States could arrange for the provision
of these weapons to a third country without direct involvement.  

Due to its various wars, Israel has a large stockpile of captured
Soviet weaponry and ammunition.   At the suggestion of the United
States, the Israelis would transfer the spare parts and weapons to
third countries or insurgent movements.  Egypt manufactured weapons and
spare parts from Soviet designs and provided these weapons and
ammunition to the Iraqis and other countries.  Egypt also served as a
supplier for the Bear Spares program. The United States approved,
assisted and encouraged Egypt’s sale of weaponry, munitions and
vehicles to Iraq.   

Mr. Bush’s generals have been told to play politics instead of
soldiers.  Neglecting their duty to protect their country, they are
obeying a man who is jeopardizing peace in violation of Chapter VII of
the United Nations Security Council .   These generals, more versed in
lying than in protecting the Americans, as with their
commander-in-chief, would have the nation believe that weapons killing
Americans are coming from Iran. 

America and the CIA, masters
of deception, eager to start another war at any cost, even at the cost
of American patriots who are dying in Iraq, are hard at work convincing
the nation that Iran is arming Iraqis, attempting to make us forget the
190,000 assault rifles and pistols that the Pentagon ‘lost’ (while
under the watchful eye of KBR, Mr. Cheney’s old company).   One must
wonder what else may be ‘lost’ or otherwise, and blamed on Iran?

In the reality we live in, this Hydra too, has its weakness and its
strength.  What empowers and feeds it is apathy.   Its weakness is the
collective will of a well-informed nation.  The arrow that will rid
that nation of its destructive ways, is the Constitution of the United
States.  Failure to do this, will be the destruction of the U.S. as we
know it.

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich has studied in Iran, UK, France, and the US.
She obtained her Bachelors Degree in International Relations from the
University of Southern California, Los Angeles.  She has done extensive
research on US foreign policy towards Iran and Iran’s nuclear program. 
She is currently a graduate student, peace activist, public speaker,
and radio commentator.

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