Dogs in the desert

I’m certain she was one of the most beautiful German Shepherd dogs I’ve ever seen. It was couple of months old when my father gor her and it was the first and the very last time I actually had a dog. Before leaving Iran we took her to a relative house in Karaj, so this would make the whole transition much easier for her. I will always remember her smart actions and funny games she wanted to play with us. As far as I can remember, you could easily come across very good dogs in Tehran, different breeds, but it was the German Shepherd the preferred breed by most people living in large houses in new areas. I’ve noticed most Iranians like dogs very much, different breeds, toy dogs or the famous ‘gorgis’ as most German Shepherds are know in Iran. It goes without saying that our own breeds (the native dogs of Iran) are very beautiful dogs that somehow resemble the Pyrenean Mastin, these dogs have been living with Iranians for thousands of years, guarding and protecting sheep herds against predators such as wolf or even panters! I’m not sure if this is the main factor behind the fact Iranians are so much attracted to dogs but the one thing most of us do not understand at all, is the bizarre attitude of some other Iranians towards this magnificent and intelligent animal. The arabic word ‘najess’ and the mindset of this group of people has made the life of many dogs miserable in Iran. Closing veterinary clinics, arresting people who own a dog and recently even arresting the toy dogs, are just some examples of how this animal is regarded by the Islamo-Fascists. Under the excuse of ‘western attitudes’ they are banning the existance of these animals as pets, ignoring or not giving a damn, that Iranians were one of the very first people who had dogs as pets, I guess this doesn’t matter, the fact that there’s a very strong emotional relationship between these dogs and their owners, just doesn’t matter. What matters is what the arabic tribes of arabia did some 15oo years ago. Check the following linkes and see it by yourself:

But I guess, this is one of the many things that cannot be discussed with them as the mindsets of hot deserts and camels do not go with forests and rivers. I’m not sure what’s easier taking the desert to the river or vice versa








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