The Accident

The weather was getting nice and warm, It was the season to go to the sea side. My dad suggested for us to go to the French Riviera. How could I resist? It was much better than all the places I had dreamed of.

Started from Rome, heading north towards Pizza, and Genoa on the coast highway.

The road got narrow and high above the sea.

Saw the leaning tower, the cathedral withe magic acoustics. It was amazing how they had managed to build such a building so long ago.

Headed towards Genoa, It was getting dark and a was a moonless night. It was hard to see where we were going in the dark night. There was a Citroen DS 21 in front of us with an old couple.

The car was a marvel of engineering, the French had out done themselves with the front wheel drive, and hydraulic suspension system.

I was amazed at how it was hugging the road and cornering, but the driver was out of his league and should have let his wife to drive the magic car. There were tow bright yellow lights at top corners of the back window. There was a large truck in front of the Citroen and the old man wanted to pass the truck and had his turn signal lights for extended time flashing, but did not have the courage to pass the truck.

Next day we had a late lunch at a side street cafe and drove to Monte Carlo, Cannes. and Nice.

The yellow flashing light was getting on my nerve and I decided to pass them both.

I down shifted and pressed my gas and took off, he followed me and I saw another big truck going south approaching us. I had just enough time to get in the north lane and could see in my side window, the big pumper of the approaching truck missing my car by inches.

My mom and dad were hysterical and and screaming, I felt I had wet ed my pants.

We had to stop and get things under control, down the road there were a few side street cafes. We stopped at first one and took a sit by the entrance, so that we could see what was happening. After a few minutes, we saw police cars, ambulances, and fire department trucks heading towards south, on the coast highway.

Everybody was talking about the big accident.

I thought it was time to split, before it got too complicated.

Drove all the way to Genoa and found a modest hotel in the center of the town and took a well deserved sleep. It had been a nerve recking experience. I promised that I would be more conservative and be more patient the next time.

Next day we had a late lunch at a side street cafe and headed towards Monte Carlo, Niece, And other exotic places. I Had seen them all in the American film “To Catch a Thief” with Grace Kelly.

Now I was there and could see it in person. Had to go to the casino and see how the rich lose their money. The Casino was too formal and we were not properly dressed, so we headed towards Sn Rafael and found a modest pension.

Spent the next three days in my room due to Monte Zuma’s revenge.

The lady at our pension recommended cooked white rice with plain yogurt for the cure.

She was saying that it was a regular happening with the tourists who had eaten in Italy. Not a bad souvenir.

Maybe I was paying my dues for my driving.

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