Wake up!

Those of you Iranian nationalists who have bought into the idea of a Shiite dominated middle-east headed by the Islamic Republic, wake up from the mullah inflicted trans.Yes, our Persian values are great, but what gives you the idea that with a backward anti-Persian ideology the mullahs can do it, or have anything worth exporting anywhere?Why would you even want to help expand the backwardness? Wake up and see the trends of where things are going.

Besides – why would we ever want to have any control over Iraq , Palestine, Lebanon or Pakistan now? What good are these territories, their people and culture going to do for our current sad social and economical state, with crash of human values and 70% of the population living under the poverty lines? Don’t be fooled by all the propaganda over the mullah’s mighty army, with imported military technology and manpower.

Whatever you do, just don’t let them use you as shields, because I already know you are too smart to actually fight for them! The mullahs have survived by parading you in front cameras for 28 years now, don’t let them get away with it anymore.

Next in line are those who are still fighting capitalism and imperialism. Don’t you realize the mullahs represent the darkest sides of capitalism and imperialism? These are people who love the concept of private ownership, with no regards for production!!

To these leaches, production means taking from others.And as for imperialism, hasn’t the last 28 years given you enough glimpses on deceitful tasteless royalist mullahs? Their undying quest for wealth, and cornering, hiding, and thereby defusing of the country resources, and their dislike of arts represents the worst in the history of all royals. Yes, the world can stand a lot of improvements, but looking towards the mullahs for solutions will not get us anywhere but deeper into the dark hole.

And last but not least are the brainwashed religious freaks.I know you have been formatted in way to reject any new concepts, but I will try this one more time: All Human are equal in rights. In 1948, and after WW2, representatives of all nations signed a basic human rights treaty in 30 articles.

Believe it or not our culture was very instrumental in devising the 30 articles and our country was in fact one of the first to sign it.Go ahead and take time to glance through it, but let me just give you a small but crucial summary:

All human have equal rights regardless of gender, faith, nationality and race. If that sounds familiar to you it’s because our forefathers were the first on earth to formulate such values and ideologies. You can believe in and practice any religion or faith you like, as long as you don’t impose your beliefs on others.

That means we must make sure religious beliefs are not part of social laws, especially in cases when a religion gives favorable rights to members of a certain gender or religion as Islam does.

Wake up – because as you can see all around you, Iran is getting cornered, and unfortunately rightfully so.We are at a critical point in out history, since what is coming out of the mullah regime brews nothing but further trouble.

It does however appear that the international community has a pretty good handle on what is actually taking place in Iran , by calling the general population, “hostages” of the mullahs. This is the crucial point at which true Iranians must consider the collective national interests over and above personal gains, and catch the fish of “Freedom, Democracy, and Sanity” from the muddy waters!!

This is the time when we must all stick together for the sake of preserving our national interests.These are times when the Islamic Republic will sign off anything in order to get security assurance from the west or in hope of back-up from Russia or China . That is why it’s extremely important for us to make sure the international community knows that the theocracy in Iran is not a legal democracy endorsed by the general population.

And finally, to the fools who hold-up “Stay out of Iran ” signs in rallies, while living in San Francisco!!! Do you have a solution? During these crucial times and given the directions the mullahs have taken Iran , there is no bigger crime against the motherland than: Living outside Iran Promoting the Status-Quo.

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