Breaking my silence with “words”

In response to Mr. Bahmani’s article ” Editor is dead! long live the Editor!”

Dear Mr. Bhamani

This is the first time that I am posting after my final post here on October 22 titled: “protecting from cyber-comment vandelism”

Not that it matters to Mr. Javid or anyone that I too chose to no longer post any articles or comments on but I am sure I am not the only one and you are not the last one who will chose this path.

In my last article and comments I wrote:

“The obvious problem is unaccountability of those who post comments which has turned the site to an arena for verbal vandalism of few who create multiple id’s without any TRUE email reference …” and then I offered a very practical solution which required no editing, or censorship (read the article – above link-for details) which would have reduced the abuse .

But my answer by the editor was “get used to it” .

Mr. Bahmani, as a matter of fact you were the first one who responded to my article and wrote “editorial control not a good idea“…and wrote ” I expect this to die down as people realize that even hurtful words can’t actually hurt you.”

My response to you and Jahanshah in summary was : “anarchy is different than freedom” and I then I questioned this “Freedom of abusing freedom”…

I know others who have also stopped posting on Those whose words are worthy of reading versus so much trash that has abounded this medium..

Meanwhile I shall continue to remain an observer to the editor’s choice of ” say what they want in any way they want ” under any name and any ID and without any accountability, in other words : A total anarchy !

Mr. Javid considers this a matter of tolerance and calls such trash “simply words” and characters in “black and white” while most nobels have considered PEN and “words” human’s most valuable of all treasures. Human history, knowledge, poetry …. has transferred through just “words”, our constitution and “rights” are spelled in “words”. “Good words” has been one of the three pillars of Iranians since Zoroaster. I am not a Muslim but for those who believe in Islam , the first word of Allah to Mohammad was to Cite the “words”…The examples are so many and in all aspects of humanity from his/her religions to his science and her human values

We have an expression that says (Be a man (human) of your “word”). In other “words” having the courage to stand behind them “accountability” than say them and hide behind the monitor and a false identity and not be “accountable”. Yes opposition is great , exchange of opinions are wonderful and it is great that people can express their opposition to Bush and it is not good that Iranians can not do the same to “Khamenei” but in the civilized world people are also accountable for their “words” and as much as I disapprove of Vali Faghih and Islamic Regime but I am also against using profanity and verbal assasination against anyone as this “chomaghdari” mentalilty is what I oppose and not who the “chmaghdar” is and what s/he uses as chomagh

The ones who gives themselves the right to use their “words” as “chomagh” and “anyway they want” are the same ones who will not hesitate to use ropes, guns or batons when in power.

That is what we must categorically oppose if as a nation we wish to get out of this mess, otherwise shah ravad va akhoonad ayad va bad digari

NO I refuse to “get used to IT”That has been our problem through generations : getting used to abuse and it all started with “words”

NO I do value “words” , I value what I tell my friends, my family , my nation and the humanity …after all “words” IS what distinguishes us humans from animals.

David Etebari is my name and those were my “words”

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