Kiss and Tell….

Our beloved JJ’s recent post named “Boos fest” stirred so many memories that it prompted me to get writing on my blog.

What ever happened to the days of long lingering kisses, both innocent and passionate, new and exciting…. Hearts pounding, butterflies in the stomach, that ‘tingly’ feeling all over, like you are floating on a cloud. Oh how i miss it.

I once dated this beautiful boy (when i was 16) and we must have spent a whole summer kissing, anywhere and everywhere. The first time we kissed was in a moonlit park near our school, underneath the protective branches of a sheltering tree. Nobody could see us, even in daylight, and as the darkness drew on, we were still kissing…. It will still be the single most innocently romantic night of my life. We kissed for hours and hours and there was an uncontrollable electricity between us…. Like fire. Ironically, that fire burned for 11 years… But WOW! We certainly did alot of kissing…. It was sweet, innocent and so wonderfully carefree…. I miss ‘Kissing with abandon’ i really do.

To this day, if the kissing is not mind-blowing, i cant get comfortable. I wouldnt go so far as to say that i would stop seeing someone, but kissing is integral for me, good kisses are essential, even. Something happened on the road to adult-hood… something that made life so serious, made relationships so hard, made us forget about kissing and become preoccupied with sex instead. Sex is sex, and im no prude, but kissing??? What ever happened to KISSING????

“And with these lips, so warm and soft, I give myself to thee and so my love, come hold aloft, yours arms that embrace me…

First touch, then taste my moistened mouth, with lips as sweet as wine, these lips, they are but yours my love, and yours they are but mine…

What became of lingering kisses, so treasured in my heart, the memories live in my soul, no matter if we part…

Thine lips so nude and kisses fierce, send shivers down my spine… The first, the last and those between, all equally divine.”

‘Kiss and Tell’ – SG 31/10/07

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