Reading a book by the cover

There is no doubt that has plenty of good and talented contributors. Many of them posting more than a decade and we’ve all benefited from them. However, there have always been only so many contributors and thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of readers. It used to be that the readers’ comments would be sent to the editor and JJ would publish them every once in a while. Sometimes the comments would become past due.

Now there is a new format and readers are commenting. They don’t read all the articles but comment on the ones they want. There are some who are abusing this format. What did you expect? a perfect forum?

There are many who don’t read an entire article, because they don’t have time or don’t want to even bother. They use that article as just a “title” and comment about it and the forum takes a life of it’s own. Our own Hajiagha is a good example. He comments on many subjects and in most cases he finds a link to Canada. I’m starting to replace Canada with San Francisco in our “Uncle Napoleon” culture!

So my recommendation to our striking contributors is to go back to work and get over it. Some of you sound like your articles are now too good for this website. You get angry when others post shitty comments in the comments section. In the comments section, people. What does the comment section have to do with your piece? You should be lucky people are commenting on your pieces and “not taking the fifth”.

In American media writers and talking heads certainly crave attention, positive or negative. Once you get the attention, you can form it however you want. Ann Coulter made a fortune this way. So did Bill Clinton. Actually Bill Clinton started it and others learned and used it to their benefit. It is now our turn. Find a way.

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