Sleeping giant no more

China has awakened and is moving at full speed, and wherever it’s heading, it will take the whole world with it. If U.S., Canada and Western Europe created the stress on the environment, China is going to finish the job. However, any sustainable development solution can become immediately viable in China due to economy of scale. Approximately 600 million people live in the cities and another 800 million are farmers. Any government that can provide bare necessities for such population deserves recognition. I found Chinese people to be more content with life and happier as a result, than their North American counterparts. They are cordial and attentive in shops and restaurants, more so than what you experience in China towns of North American cities. The work force is mostly under 30 and it makes you wonder how the older people make ends meet. It is not an exaggeration if I say that most of the cities’ development has started after 1995 and especially in the past five years. They work non-stop on many construction sites due to their push for 2008 Olympics. On my trip to China in October of 2007, I visited Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai. Xian and Guilin deserve their own photo essays, which I will post in the coming weeks. 12345 next › last »

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