Thoughts on Swearing & Censorship

I would like to take a few minutes to remind you of the definition of some of the words used on this site. A quick overview of about 10 threads resulted in the following list. Source of definitions:

Shit: Excrement; feces.

Fuck: Slang for sexual intercourse.

Bitch: A female canine animal, especially a dog.

Whore: A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money.

Asshole: The anus.

Bastard: A person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child.

Moron: A person of borderline intelligence in a former classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

Idiot: A person affected with extreme mental retardation.

Retard: A mentally retarded person.

Thug: A brutal ruffian or assassin.

Vomit: To eject part or all of the contents of the stomach through the mouth, usually in a series of involuntary spasmic movements.

Hell: The abode of condemned souls and devils in some religions; the place of eternal punishment for the wicked after death, presided over by Satan.

Islamist: An Islamic revivalist movement, often characterized by moral conservatism, literalism, and the attempt to implement Islamic values in all spheres of life.

Lackey: A person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage.

Please refrain from using swear words too often. Mazzash mire!

On another note, I would like to ask volunteer editors to stop deleting comments they do not like. I know that 2 comments were deleted from bahmani’s blog last night. I have also counted about 5 other instances where users have complained about their comments being deleted. If you cannot provide a reasonable explanation for why you are deleting a comment, then just stop deleting. I do not approve of some of the words I have defined above, but I do not delete them either. This random deleting has to stop. It is unreasonable not to mention annoying and juvenile. Come forth or forever hold your peace! Who deleted the comments???? Explain or stop! I want to know why you decided to censor ideas and words and deprive the rest of us from reading what was submitted?

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