“Modeling Naked for Playboy was equally an Act of Universal Love as well as a Feminist Act of Militancy to Change the World.” – Binoche to Playboy Magazine

Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history, which is still in pre-production.

This Month’s Playboy November issue has drawn attention for its cover featuring Juliette Binoche She is not the first nor last French Star to pose naked for the prestigious Male magazine. Former Stars like Catherine Deneuve or Brigitte Bardot made Playboy History by accepting to pose in front of the magazines talented photographers.

However many male readers ( or should I say voyeurs myself included) of this popular magazine may be frustrated while many feminist advocates will certainly clap at Binoche’s carnal pirouette, for most photos are shot out of focus and aimed at suggesting more than showing the French Star’s body attributes.


The magazine contains two photo sessions, one which shows her modeling in various dresses and the other where the professional actress manipulates the eye of the camera and Cameraman through some beautifully choreographed body language. Interviewed lengthily on what motivated her to pose naked for a Male Oriented Magazine like Playboy, the French Star who has often played nude scenes in her films explained that she was convinced by the utopist experience that the young photographic crew were suggesting which contrasted from what most playboy models are usually asked to showoff.

“Modeling Naked for Playboy was equally an Act of Universal Love as well as a Feminist Act of Militancy to Change the World.” She confessed to the journalists. “We decided to talk about the body in different terms by giving it a soul an not to look at it as just a carnal envelop. We have a tendency in the West to differentiate the body and emotions but we wanted on the contrary to combine both. I also wanted to prove that I was bold and comfortable about my body.”

I leave to you readers to judge the pertinence of her comments. However understandably this November issue of Playboy has sold well and will become a vintage item for collectors worldwide.

However more interestingly Binoche also makes a political statement rather than a sexual one by not entirely subscribing to the traditional requirement from “Playboy Bunnies” which is to “bare it all”. Proving that like a true actress she prefers to suggest desire rather than actually perform it.

Isn’t ART an imitation of LIFE after all?


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