When God & Darwin see eye to eye!

As the battle between proponents of intelligent design and evolution rages particularly in US there is something rather odd to make a note of. Considering homosexuality to be a deviation from what is normal and natural has made strange bedfellows form religious right and evolutionary scientists.

The opposition to homosexuality in Koran for example could hardly be stronger considering the story of “Loot” society being destroyed by God because of their homosexual acts. On the other hand natural selection aspect of Darwin’s theory of evolution stands at odds with propagation and survival of Homosexuality.

The notion of a “selfish Gene” that has but one goal to replicate and propagate itself fundamentally renders the homosexual behaviour unfavored. Now, if you are like me were born in Iran and went to school over there chances are your knowledge of evolution theory is pretty slim.

Ironically same might be true if you went to school in US depending what state you were born in. That I use as a disclaimer for my next conjecture which seems a plausible argument form a new comer’s perspective like myself.

Here is the conjecture. As you may know there has been a discourse going on for quite sometime between those who advocate that homosexuality has its root in genetics vs those who claim environment has more to do with it. Now, wouldn’t it be true that if indeed a gene was responsible for the behaviour it would have been eliminated by natural selection? Doesn’t it vouch for homosexuality to be an influence of the environment then?!

I just leave you with two thoughts. First is one that says that if there is such thing as a Gene responsible for homosexuality it will eventually be removed from the gene pool (Evolution takes a long time to work it way) and second is the fact that such a Gene could propagate through heterosexual activity!

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