TV aquarium

I was writing about our dog Candy. I usually have the TV on when I’m working. I like to have it on, even though I rarely watch. The programs are really bad in the early morning, before sunrise. So I usually tune into the MTV channel which only shows the latest music videos. This time, I had it on the Animal Planet channel.

As I was working I heard birds chirping. It went on for a long time before I realized it’s way too early for the birds to come out in my neighborhood.
Then I looked at the TV and it was showing boats at a harbor around sunset. The camera did not move, the scene would not change, there was no narrator, no people at all. Right now it’s showing a pack of wild horses in a lush valley. Again the camera angle is fixed and the only sound is the sound of nature shortly after sunrise.

How creative, beautiful and peaceful.
Love that Animal Planet.

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