Are Terrorist Petitions Valid?

This is very interesting.

CNN is reporting that a new petition with “300,000” signatures by shiite Iraqi tribals condems Iran for “interference” in soutern Iraq. This petition is a phoney move by the MEK, with American money, acting as a front for neconservatives who for years now have been trying to say that Iran is “meddling” in Iraqi affairs. Let me explain.

Since when do Iraqi tribal leaders gather “signatures?”

This first red flag that should be raised is the method of registering this protest. Has there ever been another “petition” by “tribal” Iraqis complaining about their condition? We’re talking about a under-developed region, neglected for years by Saddam Hussein, turned into a chaotic hell by the US occupation. We’re talking about no electricity, no reliable running water, little social services and no employment. To make political statements Iraqi shiites have taken to the streets or pushed their MAJORITY representation in Iraqi parliament to complain about their conditions. They actually do it all the time. “Gathering signatures” is not what they do.

Instead, “Gathering signatures” is a method that is designed to appeal to Americans who can relate to this process. It is designed to appear “democratic” and “grass roots.”

Just a few months ago, the Rajavi cult engineered another PR maneuver whereby (they claimed) 5.2 Million Iraqi signatures “approving” of the terrorist group’s presence in Iraq. This number was obviously inflated by orders of magnitude but it came perceisely at a time where Iranian negotiations with US looked like they were going somewhere. In order to show that they are not unwelcome former Saddam collaborators (that they really are), the Rajavists put together a phoney show for the American administrators.

So, now, again perceisely at the time that US media is reporting that “Iran is being helpful” and that IRGC influence has substantially decreased in Iraq, the Rajavists and their backers feel the need to stage another PR maneuver to counter act the realists in American foreing policy and push the neocon line that Iran is “killing Americans” thereby, war should commence.

The cult of Rajavi are masters of this sort of PR operation. They always lie about the number of supporters they have and hide their own dealings with US and neocons. It’s an open secret, for example, that it was Israeli intelligence, not the MEK that found out about the secret nuclear facilities in Iran. But the Rajavists are quite happy being used by US and Israel in exchange for support, which they thoroughly lack among Iranians everywhere.


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