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My mom is always worried about me eventually getting married to an American girl. She always says she wants to do some “Raft-o-Amad” with her aroos’s family. And she thinks she will not be able to communicate with an American girl and her family. I somehow understand her concern though.

I’ve been dating an Iranian-American girl for quite a while and luckily she can speak Farsi so she passes my mom’s requirements. Our conversations are in engelo-farsi, some in Farsi and some in English. Needless to say, I was raised in Iran and it’s only a couple of years that I’m here so I’m better off with Farsi. But she is raised in Canada and the US and she prefers English.

Having romantic conversations in English is the creepiest thing I have ever done. I guess it’s just so gross. Seriously who calls a loved one “Pumpkin”? Honestly, I tried so hard. I even looked up for some effective romantic lines on the internet, it just didn’t work. On the other hand in Farsi we have gazillions of romantic poems that one can use too woo any woman. Just open up a conversation with a Fereidoon Moshiri’s poem and bingo, you are in! (Well, not necessarily, I mean you can read Shamloo and still be a jackass. But generally speaking it helps)

No wonder why Native speakers pop in some French words when they want to show off their romance. English is not for romance period. Maybe, a good language to do science or business, but not romance. I hate Farsi because of all the “Laffaazi (verbiage)” that can be done in this language but I’m all for it when it comes to romance.

Believe me “Delbar” is much more delicate than “Pumpkin” (Aaaaaargh)

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