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Response to comments on “World Full of Idiots


masoudA said:

I liked your essay – and agree with it – but let’s not forget; Are those who think they have it all figured out!!

I agree, those who believe that they have everything figured out are THE biggest idiots.

Once you stop questioning everything, everything will be lost. There is a saying: “There is no such thing as a stupid question”.

I must say, there is such a thing as a stupid question, but the important thing is that the question is being asked.

“just wondering” said:

I wonder if you are the Saied Toossi that I know in VA


Response to “The Attack On Iran Is Not Only Economic And Political”

In response to Shaer’s “My Brothers ‘Iranian'”:

Are you trying to be sarcastic? I’m no nationalist, I dont care if someone considers themselves Iranian first or not, I certainly don’t (I’m human first). The point is that history should never be changed for political purposes.

Response to Raha’s “‘History is a lie agreed upon’ – Napoleon”:

Thank you for the links, much appreciated! I learned something.

Anonymous1212 said:

The first colonialists were moslem arabs who colonized iran not only geographically and physically but mentally and spiritually, which wiped the Iranian culture almost off the map and reduced Iranians to slaves of backward pedophile muhmmad… and we’re still paying for the very first colonization by islamic armies. Islamic imperialism uses the same exact tactics of divide and conquere by constantly creating an arbitrary division between the west and the east as if the westerners were some aliens from an outer planet. The westerners were just as backward with no respect for human rights and brutally savage and corrupt as the muslims until they got rid of their their clergies and priests.

At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.

Well, the Arabs were not as savage or brutal as you say they were. In fact, many Iranians welcomed the Arab invadors as liberators because the theocratic Zoroastrian society of Iran was horrendous by the late Sassanid Period. Many Iranians voluntarily converted to Islam and joined the ranks of the Islamic armies. Northern Iranian infantry and Iranian cavalry were some of the most prized and skilled soldiers in the Islamic armies.

I also don’t agree that the Arabs were colonialists. They never really colonized much of the land they conquered. They did Arabize almost all of the territories in their vast empire (with the exception of Iran, Anatolia, Central Asia, and Spain), but this was due to the influence of Islam on local populations.

I agree with you on one point, the fact that Europe was able to take off its cloak of backwardness (Christianity). Hopefully the Middle East will be able to do the same one day, along with all regions of the world.

And what culture are you talking about? Are you worried the misogynistic and degrading, brutally subjugating, blind obedience to religious tyrants and savage sharia laws of stoning, beating your wife, honor killings, putting your daughters virginity for auction to the highest bidder, slaving women, legal prostitution in forms of sigheh, pedophilia (marriage age of 9) and killing infidels are going to be eliminated? Is that what you are worried about?

I am an atheist, a humanist, and a believer in facts. Iranian culture and Iranian history is not what you described above. Me being an atheist will simply say that what you described is the influence of religion, which is evil, whether it be Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

disgusted said:

Suppose, the arab islamic armies were embraced by Iranian Zoroastrians and were given flowers and Sweets…are we better off than when we were Zoroastrians? Cursory look at the pre-Islamic history will reveal that we were much better off in every aspect of our lives and humanity…Has Islam helped Iranians in contributing to humanity or has it improved our way of life or has it turned us into blind and obedient slaves and forever victim and fatalistic mentality promoted by corrupt Islamic tyrannical clergy industry?

Zoroastrianism, like all other religions, got corrupted and actually did Iran a lot of harm. The Sassanid dynasty fell because it became a theocratic Zoroastrian society. Zoroastrianism did just as much good to Iran as Islam has. You simply mistake an empires rise and fall with its connection to religion. Do I need to remind you that Islamic Iran also had its golden age?

And for your information, some of the greatest scientists, astronomers, philosophers, doctors, inventors, etc… came out of the Islamic world. Infact, the foundations of the modern world came out of the Islamic world. Islamic Iran produced some of the greatest minds in history: Rumi, Avicenna, Khwarizmi, etc…

masoudA said:

How you can examine every angle except for the real problem of having a THEOCRACY in Iran run by fools. You can write books about all other problems we have in Iran – but when you choose to overlook the obvious, dear Saied you look like the biggest fool out there.

I’m simply talking about the outside attack on Iranian history and culture. What you describe is an internal issue which I was not addressing.

Hope my responses have cleared somethings up.

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