World Without Religion, Part 1

If atheism overcame belief in religion, there would still be war, hunger, disease, suffering, etc… Oh wait, almost forgot, like cockroaches, idiots would still exist.

But hey, look at it this way, without religion, instead of fighting over ridiculous things, we’d actually fight over sensible things. Here are some examples:

Imagine if religion did not exist:

Instead of fighting over the “holy” land, we’d be fighting over just the land. None of that mumbo jumbo about it being a promised homeland for only one group of people.

Imagine if religion did not exist:

Instead of debating whether creationism should be taught in the science classroom, we’d be debating about which scientific theories actually merit being taught (is the universe expanding or static, does dark matter exist or not, should we be telling our kids that life has to exist beyond Earth or not).

Imagine if religion did not exist:

Instead of competing with other religions to see who can convert the most amount of people (I actually believe its a competition to them, I’m pretty sure they are taking bets on who wins, Christianity is in the lead but Islam is gaining, make your bets now!) we could be working to unite the human race more rather than dividing.

Without religion, I dont expect the world to change much, but hey, at least everything would be based on logic and common sense!

Stay tuned, I got a tone of “Imagine if religion did not exist” examples about many different subjects. Now its your turn, just waiting for the “saved” ones to bash me.


a fellow idiot

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