Hold on to your pants

The only reason I read this piece of garbage [Do not immigrate to the U.S.], was because people always solicit my advice to make decisions, I am open to learn something new so I can pass on the next time I am be approached. Well, let’s enlighten this ignorant, envious and royal moron.

Fact number 1: First of all, the real peasants (dehatis) were the people from Tehran. Why? Because any pea brain knows that the poor peasants from the villages (initially mostly from Azerbaijan region which is why many people in my parents age group can not speak Farsi or thrash it when they do) to seek employment in Tehran (the Capital).

Fact number two: Those of us growing up in Khuzestan, either lived in the most important commercial port in the Middle East (at the time) or the City with the second largest refinery in the world. We had people from Europe, America and elsewhere working for us ( and thanks to the coward Crown Cannibal looted us mercilessly too) years before you actually came to America so you could kiss their asses because you had never seen Americans in person.

Fact number 3: You must have bought your “Western degree” otherwise, you would know that in a Capitalist Economy it is fair game. For your information, I gave a presentation as a 20 year old in my economy class in Iran about the consumer products and why they are made in a way that you are better off replacing them than repairing them when they break down. Also, I stated that eventually America will be owned by a few large conglomerates so they could basically have control of the workers (I also have witnesses who remember me saying the same think in 1980s).

Obviously you are not as bright as you think you are (having a degree does not mean you are bright), because you thought having a degree was enough to be successful.

I am appalled by people like you who demean and envy prosperous Iranians who may not have gotten degrees or came here after the boys of the Republic took over. What the hell does that have to do with one’s ability to succeed?

I am proud of all my fellow Iranians and as long as they are making an honest living and do not hurt anyone, contribute to good causes , take responsibility in showing their community that we are not terrorists or extremists, we all speak English, pay our taxes and work hard.

I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that I socialize with some of these people but that is because intellectually and philosophically, I have nothing in common with them not because of what they do.

It is my choice to be content with what I have and do what I find rewarding (which do not generate money) but I am not going to put down someone who is willing to work 80 hours a week at a used car dealership and deal with so many undesirable people. Good for him or her and more power to him or her as well.

As for 401k, if you are really “Western” educated and since you have been here so long, why don’t you pay attention to your investments instead of attacking Iranians who are making money but not according to your standards?

As for giving advice, please do not kid yourself. My personal advice is to “koonet ro bechasp ke shalvaret nayofte” which means hold on to your ass so your pants do not fall. In layman terms, someone with major emotional issues like envy, jealousy, lack of business knowledge of the Capitalist Economy, and definite sense of inferiority complex, is hardly qualified to give advice.

Finally, why don’t you go and talk to some of these “dehatis” because you may learn a few things to better your attitued and may be make better decisions for your “retirement”.

In closing let me tell you that my aunt who is illiterate (she beat the hell out of mayor of Esfahan 50 years ago for not giving her quiet and shy husband permit to build a small brick factory), sold all their assets in 1983, because she was convinced that Arak was going to be the next booming town (I am sure the Western educated people like you laughed). She then bought property and businesses in Arak. Ask some of your Western edcauted friends where arak is (in case you do not know one of the most improtant Nuclear Plants is 15 minutes away from Arak) and most governement offices and many colleges have moved there.

Never mind that my “dehati” aunt has given the society ten college educated and successful kids, the point is that having common sense and smart business views has nothing to do with education or where you come from. But, I guess you are too blind with envy and got a big bug up your loser ass, you can not fathom anything outside your little and old mind.

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