The “Greatness” Within “Us”

From “Time” Immemorial ..
The “Great” People Of Iran ..

Blessed By Their “Creator” With Great “Genius” ..
Contributing To The “Greatness” Of Mankind ..

From “Dariush”, to “Kourosh”, and Others ..
“Mossadeq”, “Amir Kabir”, and other “Patriots” ..

Our Great Nation “Flourishing” With Talent ..
The “Womb” of Creation Providing Us With “Much Blessing” ..

Though Our “Greatness” Has Been But Absent for Sometime ..
Its “Seed” Is Within “Us” ..

No Doubt One Day In The Annals of Creation ..
As The People Of Iran “Realizing” Their “True Greatness” In The “Past” ..
Will “Muster” Within Them The “Might” Of “Almighty” ..
And “Return” to The “Greatness” That we “Had” ..

Bless All “Iranians” ..
Bless Our “Great Civilization” ..

May We “Never” Forget ..
That We “DO” Come From ..
“Loins” Of “Great People” of The Past ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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