The “Genocide” of “Executing” A “Youth”

From The “Dawn” Of “Creation” ..
“Given” To “Us” Humans ..
“The” Power of “Compassion” ..

“Though” I May Be A “Youth”, Father ..
“Nevertheless” ..

“I” Beckon For “Help” ..

In The “Bosom” Of My “Society” ..
My “Brethren” ..
The “Taste” For “Blood” ..
And, The “Angst” For “Justice” ..
“Prevails” ..

My “Fellow” Brothers ..
Let’s “Reason” Together ..

What “Good” Would “Come” Out Of ..
“Killing” Another ..

We “Grieve” For The Kid “Already” Lost ..
“Let’s” Not Make Two “Grieving” Families ..

My “Brothers” ..
It’s “Better” To Give” Mercy Than To “Receive” One ..
May The “Parents” of The Kid “Already” Lost ..
Be “Moved” To “Forgiveness” ..

“Knowing” Full Well ..
That The “Angels” In “Heaven” ..
Have “Already” Cried For “One” Kid ..
Let’s Not “Make” them ..
“Cry” For “Another” ..

“Go” In “Peace” ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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