Backpacking in Yucatan

Dear Hamvatans,

I just finished backpacking Yucatan Peninsula (southern Mexico) and tiny country of Belize. I was accompanied by my buddy Bahbak from Berkeley. like most travelers to this part of the world, we flew into City of Cancun and unlike most travelers we got the hell out of Cancun as soon as we could. We visited lot Mayan Ruins (the most famous being Chechen Itza Pyramid) and also Historic Colonial city of Merida were Spanish Conquistadors build the first Church on American continent, using the stones from Mayan temples. we also went to small country of Belize. For those of you that might not know, Belize is a tiny country located at South East of Mexico. English is the official language of Belize, most people are black and poor but extremely friendly. We made friends with 2 street merchants (you can see their photo here also) and although they were poor and busy with their “store”, they went out of their way to show us the local restaurants and hangouts. What did they want in return? A copy of the photo that we took together… enjoy the photos.

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