The rest is history

It is now a matter of public record (Library of Congress 2003) that in 1953, the United States violently intervened in Iran by ousting the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossadegh and installing the shah’s military regime. This backfired spectacularly in 1979 when religious militants gained power through the revolution and 52 U.S. diplomats were taken hostage.

That’s when many Iranian Americans, started getting hot under the collar, many Iranians (not all–some were just trying to get an education) had already left to get away from the increasingly oppressive conditions of the Shah’s regime, but were now held in contempt for the behavior of these new hostage takers. The rest is history. Fascinating, ongoing, seemingly endless history. has released a new Web video on Iran that shows the dangers of an armed U.S. intervention and the need for real diplomacy. Veteran New York Times correspondent Stephen Kinzer, retired General Robert Gard, Iranian-American scholar Trita Parsi, and USA Today reporter Barbara Slavin explain the need for the United States today to use real diplomacy instead of military force in its relationship with Iran.

This video complements the national Folly of Attacking Iran Tour – which, by all accounts, is already receiving an enthusiastic response on the West Coast. The 22 city book signing tour which started in LA Feb. 7th features Stephen Kinzer, former New York Times foreign correspondent and award-winning author of “All The Shah’s Men” and his latest book “Overthrow“. The tour coincides with a new publication of his book with a new foreword, the “Folly of Attacking Iran.”

Kinzer is accompanied on this tour by an impressive coterie of fellow speakers ranging from Pulitzer prize winner Christopher Hedges, retired Brig. General John Johns, Senior diplomatic reporter for USA TODAY, Barbara Slavin to NIAC president, Trita Parsi to name just a few.

The San Francisco book signing will take place today (Monday Feb. 11th) 7:00 pm at Grace Cathedral in the Nave, 1100 California St. at Taylor St. The San Francisco panel discussion will feature Stephen Kinzer, Barbara Slavin, and Reese Erlich.

See their site for other city tour dates.

Regardless of your opinion of religious clerics or the Shah’s regime, you must agree that war rarely solves problems and benefits only an infinitesimal few. Word of mouth is the best way to mobilize more Americans against war with Iran. By watching and sharing the video, you help it gain momentum on Web sites like YouTube. The people at Just Foreign Policy ask that you visit their site and take action by signing a letter to ask your Representative and your Senators to oppose military threats, promote diplomacy. Take Action now.

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