Your favorite Iranian song

Few could deny that our music, the Iranian music is indeed very rich and nowadays very diverse. Our musicians both inside and outside Iran have done a great job by creating the most beautiful styles. Starting from Ostad Banan, Mrs. Marzieh, Googoosh, Vigen, Dariush, Farhad, Moein, Ebi, Hayedeh, Shahram Nazeri, Sattar, Martik, ghomeishi….. to Andy, Balck cats, Helen, Mansour… they are all great singers and musicitians…

One could spend an entire day listening to Persian songs without really getting tired or bored, as long as diverse styles are involved. I couldn’t really say which Iranian song is my favorite, as there’re so many of them, but the other day I was watching an interview with Sattar on Bebintv and I heard a background song that sounded just beautiful, it took me a while to find the song as I had no clue on its title, but found it on youtube and would like to share it with thouse who enjoy good lyrics and perhaps you like it too:

There’s another very beautiful song I recently heard as one of the ‘Santoori’ movie soundtracks.

What’s your favorite song? Is there a link to it as well?


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