The “True” Journey – Afterlife?

The Calamity Of Life, All But evident ..
Nothing Haphazard, all steady ..

From Dust We Come, And to dust We Go ..
This is But A Journey, Its Own destination ..

All Prophets, saints, And Holy Men ..
Promises Given, Never Too Sure ..

Books Written, Passages Recited ..
From One Holy Book To Another, All The Same ..

Telling Us To Have “faith”, Easier said ..
What If There Is No Afterlife, All The Same ..

Generations Come And Go, With Hopes Alive ..
With Hopes They Come, With hopes They Go ..

As The Great Khayyam Said, Nothing Certain ..
All Certainty, Right Here ..

God Or No God, this is All We Know ..
Come What May, this is All We Know ..

The God Of Creation, All But “Impersonal” ..
If He Exists, All But “Impersonal” ..

Much We Know, And Much We Don’t ..
With Afterlife, Not Much Known ..

Brother, Let This Be Your ..
Heaven and Hell, And Afterlife ..

Throw Away All Holy Books, Listen To Yourself ..
Your voice within, Listen To Yourself ..

If There Is A God, He Speaks To You ..
If Not, Let Your Voice Guide You ..

Remember, My Brother ..
All Holy Books ..

“Are” ..
“Nonsense” ..

“Within” You ..
There Is ..

“More” wisdom ..
Than ..

“All” ..
Holy Books ..

Come With Me, My brother ..
Let’s ..

Cleanse ..
“Ourselves” ..

Of ..
“Dogma” ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae’r

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