Sailing In The “Gulf” – “Persian”

From afar, the Ship Is a Sailing ..
The waves Pounding, No Peace In Sight ..

All seagulls, hungry For Prey ..
No Prey In Sight, All Hungry ..

The whales Ever present, Casually Passing By ..
Sharks Noticing, With strict Peril ..

The Beauty Of The Strait Of Hormuz, Pride Within ..
No Arabs Here, All Persians ..

God Blessed Iran, Land and sea ..
The Beauty Of water, all Present ..

Damn America, Get Out Of This Water ..
Your Damn ships, Ever arrogant ..

Stop Throwing Your Weight Around, You Big Bully ..
Pride Cometh Before Fall, Remember that ..

Our Country May Be Down, But Don’t Take advantage ..
Persia Was Before You, And well After You’re Gone ..

Setting Up These Puppet Regimes, Here And There ..
Thinking They’ll Protect Your Interest, You Fool ..

You Are “Despised”, By What You “Do” ..
Not By Who You Are, But What You “Do” ..

The Judgment Of God, Is Not ..
That Far ..

“Yours” ..
“To Be” ..

“Had” ..
“Soon” ..

You’ve Blood On Your Hand, And You Know It ..
Innocent Women, And Children ..

You Think God Forgets About These, He Doesn’t ..
God’s Wrath In Time, In Its Fullness ..

When God’s Wrath Comes, No One Is spared ..
Dream Of Being Great, All Delusions ..

Damn You “America” ..
May ..

“God’s” ..
“Wrath” ..

“Embrace” ..

“All” ..
“Your” ..

“Evils” ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae’r

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