Remembering The Forest – Near “Neishaboor”

At A Glance, Reminding Me Of Things Past ..
Not so sure, But Quite Convincing ..

The Scent, The Scenery, The taste ..
All Overwhelming, Yet quite Tasteful ..

All animals, Reminding Us Of Incidents Gone By ..
Though Insignificant at The Time, Yet Significant today ..

As The stream, Coming Through With A Torrent ..
Rainbow Trouts, All Amazed With Ecstasy ..

If Khayyam Himself, Were Alive Today ..
Mesmerized By The Action, Passion A Flowing ..

Each Leaf, Has A Story To Tell ..
The Ground Under Us, Trodden By Many Before ..

The Rubaiyat, But Over A Thousand Years Old ..
Palpitates, Mesmerizes, Astonishes ..

Each Square Centimeter Sacred, None Too Precious ..
All Too Precious, None Too Sacred ..

As We Walk, Though Weary We Get ..
Lord Strengthen Us, As weary We Get ..

Come My Brother, Enjoy The solitude ..
Though We Have Company, Enjoy The Bliss ..

As The Earth Is Round, And Has Much Story To Tell ..
The Glory Of The Past, Imbued In Every Atom ..

Time Passes, And We All Turn In To dust ..
Our Spirit Lingers, I Can Feel Khayyam’s ..

Genius Never Dies, Ever Emanating ..
Lift Up That Stone My Brother, The Glory Of God Is There ..

As day Turns To Night, And Night To Day ..
The Glory Of God, Never Vanishes But A Moment ..

Angels Are Ever Present, In This Forest Of Ours ..
As The Winds Blow, They Keep Whispering ..

Come My Brother ..
“Let’s” ..

“Linger” ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae’r

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