Our species evolve in long-term, our people in Iran could somehow evolve into the realisation of democracy, but in term of evolution, it may last several generations with up and down phases. Nobody is so submissive to the brutal rules of evolution to wait for the Day of Lord.

People need another regime with another constitution adaptive to our evolution, then we would not only live up to our ultimate potential, but we would also create facts on the ground that go a long way to ensure our survival.

The Islamic ruling system can never be in harmony with the moral and logical views of civilised Iranians. This 1400-year old system was mechanically grafted on our society after the revolution of 1979. People were not aware of its archaic and incompatible results and now pay a colossal price for it. The system has since 1979 committed the most hideous crimes; executions of many thousands political prisoners, imprisonment, torture, stoning, amputation, lashes, chained killings, kidnappings, corruption of state mafia …

Islam is not a treaty among groups or nations like NATO or any similar pact. This analogy is terminologically baseless. Islam is like any religion a set of beliefs based on traditions and cultures of Early Arabia. It was imposed on many nations, including ours. Now, thanks to the IRI’s bitter experience, an increasing majority of Iranians, including Muslims, demand to secularise the society. Islam like any other religion must be pushed back in field of people’s privacy.

Of course some religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucius, Judaism or even nature religions in some African tribes reflect their direct cultures and are the outcome of their daily needs. Through them, they understand their human conditions because religion suggests a supreme being(s), a pathway to an ideal life here and after. A reformed Islam can belong to this category.

All these positive or naive aspects of religion cannot objectively, and in our case, politically explain our needs in Iran. It is clear that Islam has strong roots in our grassroots because it has never been intellectually challenged– It has continued to remain for many centuries as a pivot character formation of our people, it has a wishful role in human existence and many daily attitudes of people who need spiritual support.

Therefore, we, Iranian, despite hateful political Islam, have to oppose to Islamophobia, as it shows up in the West. It helps Political Islam to recruit more jihadis from Muslim ghettos in the West, while causing more disappointment and discrimination in Muslims immigrants. On the other hand, like it or not, a great majority of Iranians are still Muslim, not Islamists. Their belief must be respected. They mostly suffer from the totaltarian IRI and demand a secular and democratic state.

Saying all that, let us only reject Political Islam in any form and reform because, as also many Muslims confess, it is incompatible to democracy and Human Rights.

I do not believe in the conspiracy theory, decoupling us from any responsible engagement and concrete views. This belief is mainly propagated by IRI’s supporters and apologists. The paranoia of believing in foreign enemies is to justify the totalitarian IRI’s role, after all, as a national protector.

Let us protect our national interests and sovereignty by joining the international community. Formation of institutionalised morality in a level of the international institutions like the UN, EU Council, The Hague Court, is of course a humanitarian ideal. Such a morality can avoid any abuse of Human Rights and would facilitate democracy and stability in the world.

We know that, unfortunately, a number of factors stand over humanitarian factors. Concretely meant, the civilised world is not so evolved to avoid sacrificing its humanitarian values for the lucrative interests, but our species could only survive if it is adaptive to the basic humanitarian values. These values trigger our integration into international community and make us more vigilant to protect ourselves. The more isolated we are, the more we can be trampled by aggressors of inside or outside of the country.

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