Let’s kill all artists?

If you are an avid reader of Iranian.com website you should have noticed by now that the site administrators and its founder Mr. Javid have been always walking on a sharp blade. This blade of criticism and spiky accusations sometimes get out of proportionally bitter when the subject comes to Art. Since Art uses common tools and concepts to convey its message some people wrongfully assume that the Art’s message is also common and simple. Far from it, in a true Art there is everything but simplicity.

On the other hand in the long journey that a young artist must pave his path on, he or she explores things that are sometimes out of proportions, out of ordinary and outspoken. This is the requirement for a creative art. Therefore a true artist should not to be afraid of tasting new flavors. However a true artist doesn’t come every so often rather what we see are mostly junky artists. So who is the judge of that? There is no black and white answer for it but time. Time is the best tool to clear out the real from the fake.

What, we as the audience of these artists should do in the mean time? Just observe. Don’t rush into conclusion too quickly. Let them cook their soup and don’t show a bitter face when you don’t like its taste.

I don’t know why but I am accused of being an Islamist. I have no intention to prove you otherwise but heck I play right into it. Quran says that,” People who posses wisdom are the one who listen to different conversations (art is one of them) and pick the best one”. This means that a real Muslim is not a dogmatic one but an open-minded one. So don’t get offended if someone ridicules your culture or your religion or your way of living. It is not easy but we should do our best to maintain our cool.

In addition, Quran again says, that when you see a crowd of people insulting Islam, get away from them. Do not harm Islam by defending it in a hostile crowd. This is because if you do otherwise you’ll add more fuel to the fire that rather will cool off if you stay silent. The prime example of this is the case against bankrupt artists such as Roshdi and Van Gogh who got priceless and indefinite free publicity through our impulsive actions.

However exchanging ideas and constructive criticism with clear intentions are always welcomed. To me all type of criticism is welcomed. So go head and shower me with your words.

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