“Stubborn” – As A “Mule”

As Water Flows Downstream, So Does My “Message” ..
For Three Days Now, My Message To My Brother ..

Trying To Get His Attention, Every Which Way I Can ..
To No Avail, All To No Avail ..

Used Every “Hint”, “Signal”, Anything I Could “Find” ..
To Make Him Realize, It Is “Him” That I Am Talking To ..

Sometimes, A Friend has To Know When to “Stop” ..
I Need To “Stop”, No “Point” ..

He “Reads” My Poems, That I Know For “Fact” ..
No “Doubt” In My Mind, That I Know For “Fact” ..

I Have Tried To Be A “Friend”, Through And Through ..
But He Is Too “Pre-occupied”, To See What I Am “Saying” ..

My Brother, Your Path Is “Crooked” ..
You Think It’s “Straight”, But It’s “Crooked” ..

You Have Admirers, Who “Praise” You ..
Listen My “Brother”, Your Path Is “Crooked” ..

Day Is Not Night, And “Darkness” Not “Light” ..
Wisen Up My Brother, Your Path Is “Crooked” ..

You Are “Talented”, But Somehow “Misguided” ..
Wasting Your “Talent”, Through “Misguidance” ..

There Are Those, Who Look Up To “You” ..
Will Be “Disappointed”, Indeed They “Will” ..

The World Doesn’t Rotate Around You, Be “Certain” ..
Your “Whim” Is Not Everyone’s “Desire”, Be Absolutely “Sure” ..

If “Unhappiness” Comes Your Way, Don’t Blame “Others” ..
Your Own “Fault” My Brother, Your Own “Fault” ..

What You “Sow”, So Shall You “Reap” ..
Remember That My Brother, Remember That ..

You “Admit” That You Have Hurt Others, But Words Are “Cheap” ..
Action Is “Required” My Brother, “Action” ..

I Have Said What I “Needed” To Say, And You Know Who You Are ..
No “Doubt” In My Mind, You Know Who You Are ..

Go In Peace My Brother, You Shall “Reap” ..
What You Have “Sown”, So Shall You “Reap” ..

Very Sad My Brother, Very Sad ..
“Very” ..

“Sad” ..
“Indeed” ..

“Go” ..
“In” ..

“Peace” ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae’r

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