Lightness, time and soul

Somewhere in Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, there is a butterfly garden that makes us delight in the wonders of nature and reflect on what butterflies symbolise: transformation, celebration, lightness, time and soul. Many cultures relate butterflies to the human soul. In the Persian mystical metaphor of the candle and the butterfly, divine love is the candle’s flame and the butterfly is the human soul attracted by the flame, searching to transform its material condition into higher spheres and knowing the joys of the beyond by burning in the divine flame. The Greek name for a butterfly is psyche, which also means the soul, and is the name of god Eros’s human lover. Often when Eros and Psyche are depicted together, they are surrounded by butterflies. Finally, there is an old Irish saying, “Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through Purgatory”. For these copyrighted photos, I’ve used a Canon PowerShot SD800-IS camera. Enjoy! 1234 next › last »

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