Where roses flow

This is an Essay on Ghamsar and the annual “Golab-Giri” for the production of rose water. This is the time of the year for this ritual. The process is quite simple. As far as what I saw, roses are picked by women early morning since they are most fragrant. It is then put into big boilers and distilled. I was surprised to see how little rose water is yielded, but is very concentrated and powerful, not to mention very expensive. It tastes bitter. The rose water we purchase at the stores is diluted. It only contains a few percent rose water essence. The owners of this factory told me their essence is used in two French perfumes. One of them was Channel. I have been experimenting with its application is cocktails. Locals dry roses and grind it on the palm of their hand and sprinkle a pinch on “doogh” and other foods. Ghamsar is the largest producer of rose water. The whole town is decorated with “Gol Mohammadi” roses and it seems to be the only industry in town. I think UNESCO should declare Ghamsar as “World Heritage”.

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