Negative societal norms impose themselves in dating, marriage and once again parenting. The cycle has to be broken. Many of the dehumanization is brought about by a societies need to label people as the “other”. Sadly, women and children are sometimes treated like objects or property. They are dehumanized and marginalized which allows sexual, physical, emotional and mental abuse to occur.

The women, children, and sometimes-even men are made to believe they are inferior, and unworthy. Many say, “Well how can they allow themselves to be victims? I would never let that happen to me.” So much for their empathy.

I believe the socialization part begins at a young age. Usually victims of abuse have seen or been subjected to abuse early on and develop a low self concept which in turn causes them to be susceptible to accepting abusive relationships.

They honestly do not know how to break the cycle or in many cases are not aware they are doing it. It is so much easier to pass judgment on them than to help them. People are always trying to stereotype these people based on societal norms but honestly, if you do some research there is no stereotype. You will find that gender, ethnic group, educational level and social class does not determine if you are a victim of abuse or not.

How do we break free from our socialization? It is through education and making a conscious effort to make friends from other cultures. The more culturally diverse our friends are the less narrow minded in our way of thinking we will be.

We will be less likely to dehumanize others simply because they are not of our own gender or ethnic group. We will actually be able to see the person for who they are and not what society may think they are because of their physical appearance.

I guess you can say that we can become accultured to our culturally diverse friend’s culture. We develop a social conscious and increased level of compassion for others.

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