Iran, Sacrificial Lamb for Arab cause

 Been  reading these moderated filtered censored comment sections on Aftab-Yazd site(Pro, “mullah Karrubi”) about the $200 million gift from Tehran,s so called city council to the Nasrollah group in Lebenon…Even with all this smooshing and moderation  you can see the real hatred and resentment that average Iranis have for this Arab regime culture.If you have been reading these comments off and on for the last few years you see the escalating disgust that Iranis spoof at the direction of these half breed Mullahs.Ofcourse they do it the only way possible with a bit of patronizing just to get published.

The other day read on Tabnak that Arab regime is supplying Emarate with Gravel,Soil and sand needed to build it,s 40 artificial islands on Persian Gulf.Now even Iranian soil is being shipped along it,s slave women to build the Arab wonderland.

Since 1981 through secret and not so secret money laundring schemes the Arab occupation regime has been funneling Billions of Dollars to their Arab cousins in Palestine,Lebenon,Syria,Sudan,Tanzania and now Iraq,.The country formerly known as “Iran”  and nowadays “Balad al khalifat al faghih” is a Milking Cow for the Ommat al Arabi. The Arab mullahs and their half breed  agents like Larijani(Born in Najaf),Chamran(city council chamran,s brother raised in Lebenon)Shahroudi(Iraqi),Zavelghadr, Kharrazi,,lalalal etc and thousands like these , have been hard at work to funnel funds from hundreds of regime,s known and unknown  entities to their Jehadist cousins in Arab world.from building roads,bridges,hospitals,tv stations,radio stations,parks,Utility & Hydro sites to productionof movies and printing books to bankrolling ghaza police and Hamas personnel to building hundreds of religious sites around the middle east ,,you name it they have done it.

I won,t even go farther to talk about the Millions spent on shia sypathizers in Yemen ,Bahrain and other states….. 

Add to this the Billions of Dollars stollen money by regime and it,s  lackey,s and Burocrats  funneled to Emarate to build their 2nd home away from “Ajam home” Why?. Because they feel more comfortable with their types and culture and after all they need a place to run to in case the milkin cow can,t take it anymore.

So in short the whole of Jehadist Arab world for the last 30 years has been built over blood and sweat of average “Ajam Irooni”.


So what did Iranians get in return for all these free tabs by occupation regime?


Quote “Hamas announced 3 days of mourning for Saddam,s death. Hamas signed on the Emarate claime on 3 Irani Islands, Iraq put forth claime on Shat al Arab, Syria, & Lebenon,s TV calls it Arabian Gulf”

So a buncha Arabs who hated us Ajams before and still hate us even more now….No wonder they usualy volunteer to kill the opposition Iranis like Shahpour bakhtiar in any chance they get….Because after all they Looooooove their half breed cousins “The Mullah Arab”


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