My Son

The memories of your childhood,

still linger in my mind. 

                                        How you used to run to me,

every time that you got hurt.


You would tell me

“Mommy, please kiss the pain away”.

Now everything has changed.

You’re no longer my baby.


                                      Where have you gone?  

 My most beloved son.

It’s been too long,

since we last talked.


Some words were said,

that hurt us both.

 My son

what have we done?


Who are you?

 Where is my son? 

                             What have you done

with my beloved son?  


You’re not a child

and not yet  man. 

What has become

of you my son?  



Has time erased me, 

 from your heart?  

Has life so hardened

up your heart? 


I looked into your eyes  

and I saw all of my  mistakes.

How do I reach you?

You are so far.



Can I still reach you?

You’re just too far. 

                               How do I make you understand?  

I realize, I also made mistakes.



Your words and actions  

Oh how, they pierced my heart.

I know, I hurt you. 

I’m truly sorry.



Let me kiss the pain away.

As I did so long ago.

                                  How do I make it okay?  


I do love you, with all my heart. 


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