How to End Racism on this Site

There isn’t a day that I come on this site that I see all sort of racist content, blogs, articles, or even comments. Being Persians and believing in equality of all humans regardless of their gender, race. Or belief, I think we should really end that on this site.

And this is how we can end all these racists stuff on this site. Simply DO NOT REPLY to any of them. Let those narrow minded ones among us to see that they are not taken seriously so they can take their agenda elsewhere.

We Persians can only solve our problems by looking at glass half full by appreciating the differences among us. I am talking about differences on faith and religion, and politics, and race, Sure let’s discuss them all in most civilized and educated manner possible but let’s not tolerate racisms and ignorance. And the way we can do that is by ignoring those few who like to crack Iranian unity by writing uneducated, racist, and ignorance content on this site.

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